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# insolivion : Looking good man, what's your plans with this thing?
# Wypple : Pretty clean R32 (at the time >:) ), good luck and welcome!
# BigSmoke : Yoooo nice R32 you got there! Good luck on building it! :D

Is it going to be a daily boi or a drift project? Or something else?
# Sleepin mOnkey : R32 Gang Definetly is a good base kinda bad seeing that non gtr's got the same price boom as gtr's Hey i may have lots of spare GT-R parts soon if you want.
# Asahi : It looks really clean dude.There's too much potential in the car,what is your plan?

Thank you all for your responses :D . I think this is going to be a daily/drifter untill I get a second ride, I dont have exact future plans with it but things I gotta do are kinda obvious I think.


As I said bushings were busted, car was feeling loose and wobbly while driving it, so I decided to start from drivetrain...

Before everything, as you can see I finally have a legit registiration for the car. :D

I decided to change bushings out, their solid aluminum counterparts was ready to install but when I removed the wheel for second time I realized shocks was leaking and there was oil all around it. So I decided to go Up garage that is literally 2 kms away from me and luckily I found a set of Apexi N1 coilovers. They are 8k on front and 6k on back. A bit understeery but I think it will suit for drifting.

I was also thinking to go for 5 lug convertion. I bought a set of z32 hubs but couldn't find any z32 brakes near me. I didn't want powerful brakes for this car becouse the would lock up easily so I couldn't go for something big like brembo or project mu. Therefore I just went balls to walls and bought a set of 326 Power brakes. I didn't go twin caliper setup on rear just yet becouse z32 hubs have drum brakes inside them which works as handbrake that works just fine for drifting.

Car is still on jacks and waiting for rims. I ordered them from internet and they should be here in like 1 or 2 days. Contact me if you want 4 lug brake convertion or steelies.