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# Niatross : the good vibes just keep multiplying with this US trip im not even gonna lie :-X
A. my birthday stuff
B. Lighting up Marcs week
C. moar upcoming shenanigans

This trip was a BIG GOOD DECISION


# Soju : Epic find! Great to see those all cars meet altogether :)

YES. Still gotta cover that drift day!!

# BigSmoke : BOI the Audi looks so savage now!
The only way to to it off would be giving it the Euro V8 Series kit instead.....which might not be streetlegal anyway

Also that Mustang is so, so gorgeous sitting on TE37 Saga, I hope Marc would enjoy it so much! :D

And uh, probably we could add another horse to the stable...... H I H E


# 11000rpm : Seeing the render of niat toss Niatross' e92, seems its gonna be one hella build just like my e36 :)


# Lagano : Oh so the A5 lives on! With all the RS5 stuff you could also chuck a V8 in there haha. And that Mustang you guys found is just awesome, you basically made Marc do the same thing that Muza did just a few days ago. :))

It does! RS5 things coming SOON. HMMMM I don't know if I wanna go traditional V8 just yet but we shall SEE. HAHAH It really do be like dat

Added 25 minutes later:


After getting the Mustang, Marc (Macaron_moon) had a talk with me about the drift day. He was gonna drift the Mustang, I was gonna, well, try to do Ken Block things in the GRB STI and Muzahid (Niatross) was gonna drift his 335i. But like everything in the world, things never really go as planned. Marc pushed for the decision to get Muzahid a drift car to hoon in the USA! It'll also get shipped to Japan right after the drift day so all of us can do fun things to it/with it. Onto the goods!!

What better car to give to Muzahid than his DREAM. An FD3S.

What's on your screen right now is a 1993 Mazda RX-7 base. Original Montego Blue Pearl Paint. All the stock aero bits, save for a custom front bumper from some Jap-American called Aki Kimura. Apparently he was famous in like 2007 or something.

Mileage as it sits is 111,467 miles. Interior is PRISTINE, also RHD converted!! With all genuine JDM FD3S parts. Tasteful mods included JDM FD3S Spirit-R Seats, and a Nardi Torino steering wheel.

At 111,000 miles, you really shouldn't expect the factory 13B-REW to still be in the bay. The owner gave up on the oil pump failure and apex seal madness, as well as the dead turbos and swapped it some of that good American Pony Power. That in the bay is a Chevrolet LS2 Engine out of a totaled C6 Corvette. With 6.0L of pure American displacement (no replacement!), this thing makes a healthy 400hp and 400lb-ft.

Other upgrades are Endless BBKs, Work Emotion T7Rs, HKS Hipermax Coilovers, a custom rear diffuser, and an HKS Twin Titanium Tip Muffler.

With the settled price of V$8,000. The car was ours. The owner really wasn't looking to earn any money, he just wanted the car to go to a good owner who will treat it right. Safe to say, he doesn't have to worry.

On the way to the agreed Burger King meeting place Muzahid, Marc, and I agreed upon, I started to get a good impression of this car. It makes A LOT of power, a bit front heavy, but still handles very much like an RX-7. The sound this engine makes though, pure MUSCLE. It ROARS, much louder than Marc's S197a, and it's SCARY AF. HAHAHAHAH I LUV IT.

I was the early bird at the meeting place, but they then arrived a bit after and... Well, you're gonna have to wait for Marc and Muzahid's update to find out what happened next. Welp, thanks for reading!!

V$30,162.34 - V$4,000 (Other 50% of V$8k FD3S price shouldered by Marc (Macaron_moon)) = V$26,162.34

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