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29.04.2019, 1:28 PM - Update #1

I am back today with some fresh new updates about my daily car. Umm.. I don't even know how to tell you about those updates, because It's weird to sell all the parts from your car (literally, everything: from the bumpers and doors to the suspension). So, down below you have some details and the prices I got from those parts:

    - rusty parts (front bumper, driver's door and left sideskirt) = 250V$ -
    - headlights and taillights = 350V$ for the headlights and 250V$ for the taillights -
    - M3 badge = 25V$ -
    - windows = 300V$ -
    - rear bumper and passanger's door = 725V$ -
    - rims = 850V$ (without the tires) -
    - old suspension = 1,250V$ -

After I sold those parts I took the car to a paintshop to give the car a new fresh and clear color...

At the moment, I don't have the pictures with the new color, but I'll come back with some.

30.04.2019, 5:00PM - Update #2

For today, I have some exciting news: seats, new suspension and new rims and tires arrived. So, down below you have some pictures with the new rims, seats and engine aswell. I forgot to tell you that, the engine is a LS3 with 285HP, the perfect power for a daily, right? I've made a engine swap to LS3, because it's much cheaper than buying a new engine, in my opinion. Maybe, in the future, I will buy a brand new engine.

Oh, I hope you like the new color. If you have better ideas that will match better with the car, please tell me.

By the way, yesterday (29.04.2019) I ordered new parts for the E92 (doors, windows and bumpers) and I hope they will arrive this evening to mount them.

Q: Why I bought H&R Ultra Low Coilover System?
A: I like my car very low and very close to the asphalt, y'know what I mean?