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(S)HE´S B(R)OKEN ピり浦

Starting off the week in a quite sad note , sadly , the SR20 in my 180SX passed away :crying:
First the fire and now broken SR ? Oh my god .
2 weeks ago i woke up early in the morning , hopped into my RPS13 to finish the paperwork for the insurance company and THEN
I´ve noticed , that the car doesn´t wanna start . I assumed that the battery is dead so i´ve tried to jump start the car with my CPV35 but absolutely nothing , after few minutes of panicking i came to the conclusion that my SR is possibly blown up . Fucking great . I was running out of time + i was already late to the meeting so i´ve immediately jumped into my CPV35 and went to the insurance company to finish the last paperwork .

After a few hours of a lot of paper work , they´ve finally told me that they´ll cover 100% of the loss , THANK GOD , finally i can breathe , OOOFF . When i came back home , i´ve decided to tow the car off to my friend´s shop to further inspection of the car and the engine where we realized that i was right and i blew my SR in my 180sx . And from there , the disassembly of the front end and especially the SR20 has started .

After a week of looking for a new SR20 , i´ve AJ ( RocketBunnyS13 here on the forums ) if he´s somehow selling an SR20DET . Sadly the only SR20 he had for sale was SR20DE BUT , he said , he still have a stock internals from his S15 . And THAT sparked an idea in my brain , what if i´ll rebuild my SR20 ? *thonk*
Me - " How much do you want for the internals ? "
AJ - " Don´t worry about the price , i dont need them , you can pick them up for free ! "

We both agreed , that i´m gonna pick them up on tuesday . But , on what when my 180SX is broken and my CPV35 is 2 low 4 for a trip to Tokyo and At the moment is going through a little refresh ? Hmmm ,Maybe i´m gonna take a trip to Tokyo by Train and i´ll buy something there ? Hmmmm ...

Since i already needed a new daily car , i´ve decided to spend the whole monday finding another car on
And after a long day of looking for a new car , i´ve found this -

Yup , a quite low milage 2014 Subaru BRZ R in beautiful Lightning red color !

My inner ZN/ZC6 fanboy has started screaming and i´ve decided to pull the trigger and buy it immediately ! But now , it´s time to sleep , i have a long day before me .
*The next morning*
Full of energy i was ready to jump on a train and take a trip to Tokyo , bought a ticked and the trip could begin ! Just as i´ve arrived in Tokyo , i´ve got a call from the dealershit that everything is ready and i can pick up my brand new car . OH MY GOD I´M SO STOKED . After a 10 - 15 minute walk i´ve finally arrived at the Subaru dealership AAAANNNNDDDD........
there she was , waiting for me in her full beauty :-X

After a few minutes of paper work , she was finally mine ! But , why ZC6 as a " Daily " ? The main reason why i´ve decided to buy a ZC6 as a daily is because of the tunability and a huge aftermarket support - that´s the reason why they got a " new age S-chassis " nickname , and of course because of the fact that it´s truly a fun car to drive , Weather you think that they are underpowered or not .

After i´ve got the keys , it was time to visit Kami-Sama shop and pick up the Stock SR20 internals from AJ ,
I am speed

As you guys saw , AJ bought a ZC6 too ! ( If you haven´t seen that , what are you doing here ? Check out his roleplay thread NOW! ) - but on that later !
Put the Internals in the trunk , exchanged few words with each other and it was time to go back to Gunma because it was already 2 late ! Maybe next time i´ll stay for a littlebit longer !
After a 2 hour drive , i´ve finally arrived .

I can´t believe my eyes , my dream car parked next to my house , wow .
Thank god that i have a ramen restaurant literally across the street from my house because boy oh boy after this day i´m HUNGRY !

2014 Subaru BRZ R - 1,398,00JPY - 12 528.29V$

48 810.06V$ - 12 528.29V$ = 36 281,77V$

Weekly paycheck 3x - 940V$ x3
Redesigned 10 Costumers Home interiors - 10 290V$
Full coverage of the total loss of Cars -

1996 Toyota Supra A80 Zenki - 14 200V$
1995 JZZ30 Toyota Soarer - 2 500V$
2004 Honda Integra DC5 Type-R - 9 000V$
Full coverage of the loss of the Building - still being calculated by the Insurance company .

In Total - 38 810V$

36 281,77V$ + 38 810V$ = 75 091.77V$

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