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Thanks guys! Yeah the SC300 will probably stay as a backup car after i improve the Supra, unless someone throws me a good offer for it.


not for my wallet though

So here's the Supra i got from that auction, it's been a while but i've been sorting out some more things until now. I can't believe i've just bought it, it took most of the cash but it still costed way less than building this kind of drag car. A lot of it went into the SC300 too but it didn't turn out as well built as this Supra.

While looking quite stock and simple this seems like a pro drag car! It even has a parachute, i thought about installing one on the SC300 earlier but a big brake kit did the trick. Which reminds me of this Supra having stock rear and LS400 front brakes, not the best choice for a 1300HP beast!! Notice the Powerhouse Racing sticker on the rear window, it has pretty much the whole engine from that tuner. I've heard about some insane drag cars running the same parts and engine setups, i know this is the real deal! However there's still room for improvement, if it has the Powerhouse billet block and internals i can push it up to 2000HP. That wasn't mentioned in the auction spec sheet so i'll have to see for myself.

The exhaust system is from Powerhouse Racing too, looks pretty impressive but i think that will get replaced by a fender exhaust or something like that.

And here's the second purchase! Not much to explain here, it's a stock Evolution 6 albeit a special one, a Tommi Makinen edition as i told you in the last update. Now the bumper's missing cause it needs a bit of TLC, there are a few more scratches on the car so there's some more work to do.

Engine bay is like new though! Man, i always admired the mighty 4G63 when seeing Evos on rally events back in Europe, now i even managed to get one. I probably won't change it much as i wanna keep it as original as possible.

Another thing that took me some time was making the AE86 road legal! I managed to get in touch with the previous owner and then we sorted out the papers i needed. I've been using it as a drift car more or less but who doesn't like some street drifting? :))

It doesn't even come close to the other Toyota's power output but the fun factor is the key on these small RWD econoboxes!

It's perfect to chill out and take a break from all these ridiculously powerful demons.