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Greetings to all of you.When I bought my last car, I ordered a few pieces.I got it delivered 2 days ago and I started assembly,The undercarriage is completely ready.I still need to make some adjustments to replace the engine.The engine is a standard typR motor, made just a few small insertions,
these add-ons;
-Custom exhaust manifold
-ARP head cover
-HKS ─▒ntake/exhaust camshaft
-Forget pistons

parts list and prices;

Tokico D Spec coilovers:-1.000V$
USED Kosei K1 Rims&Dunlop Direzza Tyres R16:-1.800V$
Wildwood brake kit:--2.000V$
Subframe Beaks:-200V$
USED Honda B18C Engine Type R 96-97 Spec Dohc Vtec 1.8L B18C:-2.700V$
Sold R34 wheels&tyres:+2000V$

I've been thinking about the s13 drift project recently,I guess I don't want to do. :/ it is not as exciting as it used to be because I have the same engine in my other car.That's why I'm thinking of selling or trading my car, :confused2: RX7 FD, AE86, MARK II, SC300 tools such as I think to buy. Which one should I prefer, I will consider this issue.


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