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# Crazy Eighty Eight :

Lil Teaser

Gentlemen, shits gonna be extremely insane I had some time and I bought a BCL wing, put body kit on and I was just basking in this utter glory

And oh the S15 is coming along well.

Your wish has been granted my friend.

It's about time.....

It's been a while my friends, and the German Civic is ready for her unveiling:

Look at this beauty painted in a color I came up with myself I call it "Milk Malt" As you've noticed she has Turbofans the trend has made a huge comeback in the EDM community and it was only right to add them to the BBS's now Tucked Turbofans make no sense but you have to admit the car looks hot as shit, these fans were done custom made by Dlng Designs and they do some sick shit, she's finally finished...sort of......there is still a lot to do like proper tuning, the car runs but a bit rough due to adding some, "cough" blow.

Yeah boy she's Supercharged AF look at that engine bay looks like Skittles doesn't it, what you're looking at is VF Engineering Stage 2 Centrifugal Supercharger, the engine has been semi built to take the boost, stock but retained bottom end with Wossner Forged Pistons, Mild Race Cams, Ported Head,, IE Fuel Rail with Bosch Injectors from the Passat and BBM Oil Cooler, currently the car should make around 400hp @ 320lbft/tq @ 6psi base line, this time I didn't bother with E85 so all this is going to be on pump for the time being those numbers are pretty insane for what this car is right now.

Now onto the Aesthetics:

I think I basically already revealed all the parts on this car so I'm not gonna bore you guys you waited this long so I'll just let the car bask in its glory.

Underglow is back motherfucker, it's finally made a proper return so why not capitalize on the trend ?

I even added some Indoor Glow it's only fitting it's not subtle like Ambient lighting you'd see in a Merc or a Beemer but it works imo.

I just needed to mention this, yes that's a Kamei piece probably the most expensive body part on this car, but looking at it, it was worth it.

So there you have it she's finally out the closet, although she's not completely finished I'm glad for you guys to finally see it.

My motherfucking man! ♥ That Golf looks like it came out of straight from the underground, such strong vibes of proper styling that I can't describe properly, and those exterior and interior glows is just a cherry on top of cake, just beautiful. Underglow is making comeback to the scene hard af this year, I am confident about that. I really want to build a MK7 with Civic or Pulsar parts and drivetrain but I always put such plan aside.. Someday, so we both can be golfskies. Something up is coming soon, so I might as well get my ass to USA.