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# Niatross : Digging the look from the TC3's as well my dude!
Also, lemme know when the clutch is dialed and you're going back to Tochigi. Supra needs a dyno run just for power deets so might as well tag along together right?

Power guess for S15 - 312whp

I'm really digging the look as well dude! Thanks.

Yeah I'll update you on that ASAP.

# BigSmoke : Oh how I love the Ichigo even more man :-X
The TC3 suits her much, much better in this form

Also obviously get a new clutch man, it'll be worth it ;)

And uh, mass touge session when? ;)

Haha I love the Ichigo even more now too, the power still surprises me. Getting closer to that Taniguchi S15 you showed me haha :)

And yeah the new clutch is on the way!

AND YES LET'S SCHED A TOUGE SESH! A Tsukuba shakedown is fine too!

# Soju : Advan TC3s are the best wheels for any Japanese cars :)

Like BigSmoke mentioned, maybe a new clutch will help you a lot!

CORRECT! I remember your old JZA80 on TC3s, just gorgeous

And yeah that should do the trick. Thank you!

Added 32 minutes later:


First thing's first. I had the S14 towed to a shop with a lift the other day. Yesterday morning I dropped by on the way to work to assess the damage.

Here's what the master mechanic and I have gathered so far:
- Front left tie rod bent -
- Steering rack bent -
- Front left control arm snapped -
- Rear inner wall breached and crumpled -
- Rear underchassis area crumpled -
- Rear right shock tower crumpled -
- Rear right upper control arm bent -
- Rear right lower control arm missing -
- Rear right coilover blown and dead -
- Rear left lower control arm destroyed -
- Exhaust hanger, exhaust system crumpled -
- Spare tire area unrecognizable -
- Trunk mounts unsalvagable -
- Trunk shell damaged and unsalvageble -
- Front left wiring harness torn -
- Rear light harness missing -
- Rear subframe pushed forward 4cm -
- Transmission oil pan cracked -
- Engine oil pan smashed -
- Side mount intercooler crumpled -
- Fuel pump not priming/not functional -
- Rear right toe arm bent -
- Rear right knuckle crumpled -
- Rear right brake disc warped -
- Rear right caliper damaged and bent -
- Rear right wheel bent (inner barrel) -
- Front left side of engine bay slightly out of alignment -
- Hopes and dreams fucked -
- Life has no meaning -
- End my suffering -
- Fixable, but will take some time -

So yeah, it's pretty much FUCKED. But I'm not ready to let this car go. I fucking disgraced it, and it's my job to correct my mistake. I have to do this car justice no matter what, I'm sure it's what Muzahid (Niatross) and Koro-san would've wanted. Speaking of which, I broke the news to him and he was over-the-moon FURIOUS at what happened. He's glad I'm okay but called me all sorts of shitty things, and to be honest, I can't blame him. But now the pressure to rebuild this thing is even higher now, and rebuild this thing I'll definitely do. Just you wait.

In other news

I test fitted the Gram Lights 57Cs on the S2K, not too shabby me thinks. Offset may be a tad low which is causing the poke but that should be sorted out with some camber. Might actually put em on the car when it's low and deserving. In its current form it drives FANTASTIC though. I can never get enough of that 9K RPM SCREAMMMMM. I'd never give my car up for an AP2 tbh, more so when I've got a damn Type V.

In other news x2

I took the S15 apart again. Yes I know what you're gonna say, I'm making my own life harder, I'm playing myself blah blah, hear me out. I'm getting my internals forged and balanced so that I can take FULL advantage of that turbo, all that money wasted on an engine with unused potential would surely be a dumb thing to do anyway right? So yeah.

OH yeah I got a new clutch on the way from Up Garage at their Higashimurayama branch in Tokyo. I found their listing for an Ogura Racing Enhanced Metal Single Clutch ORC - 409D - 02N5 for 71,900 yen (V$719). Should be coming in soon.

AAAAAAAND the engine is out! Next step is to take it apart and get the components machined or replaced. More on that soon!

Oh and another thing, this is the last time you'll see the S15 rolling (or sitting) on TC3s, because I just sold them to Dominik (NightRunner) yesterday night for V$1,350. Check out his cool JZA80 build! He just got some sick new Ridox Aero from it, inspired by Soju's current aero setup. Ngl I really want a Supra and an R34 now, been seing a lot of them around the forums lately. But eh, we'll see what the future holds. (Maybe I alraedy bought one, OR MAYBE I ALREADY HAVE A JZA80 AND A BNR34 HIDDEN SOMEWHERE H I H E)

V$74,814 - V$719 + V$1,350 + V$3,400 (Ongoing Court Hearing, Plantiff Attorney Services Payment Received) = V$78,845

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