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new project cars incoming! big update and long read beware
so, ive been on a bit of a spend and im gonna make this year a big one to remember, so im gonna introduce some cars to you.

first of the del sol, for the sake of trying to do all these project cars and keep some way of surviving, im selling it, will be in my bio and will make a for sale post on here separate and in the forum thread.

now the old battered corolla, the customer has decided to not have the work done, now i have offered to cancel his current bill and i keep the car in return, waiting for his reply currently, my plan is to fix it for as cheap as possible and use it as a daily beater to again minimise costs for the project cars.

so on to the cars that actually matter :D :D

is that what i think it is??
yes thats right, its a honda eg6

now ill give a quick run down on this but a full post will come when its started on
+its a honda civic Si (EG6)
+engine is a tired 160,000km D16Y8
+body has minimal rust few parts have been recently replaced
+nice little story to this car and how i bought it
+plan is to go full KANJO with this car :D

this is gonna be a fun build with no corners cut, if you enjoyed RocketbunnyS13's CRX build *LINK* B) then you will enjoy what i have instore for this, P.S Rocketbunnys13 if you see this then hey ちょっと

Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX AWD (2G)

so again ill do a quick run down then full post when the build starts
+as mentioned its an eclipse gsx
+ kinda a crazy story with this thing the reason why i bought it if im honest
+no engine or running gear again explained in story
+ plans for this is a very fast track car hopefully running a full late evo engine and running gear step up with more power

I feel like theres gonna be alot happening around these parts in the next few months, may have to get some sponsors on board ;)


Wait how is this? you may ask. Well ive recently seen something that reminded me of my old times in the uk, with the cars i grew up with. its not here as much in japan and i want to bring something from my old life here, and go hard with it, really get people going for it. now im hoping i can get a lead on some very special things, things are very early and theres no guarantee as of yet. if you pat attention ill try to leave of clues on other RP's and my other builds till it happens.

oh yeah?

almost forgot theres one more thing?

the new name of the company is here, it is what these cars will be built under, ill have a full RP with this brand one day i hope
i feel like this is what i want.

please stay tuned guys. with all this happening plus more im sure there is gonna be plenty of stuff to read about.
i hope there will be many meet ups and shout outs to others along the way and we shall see what comes of this all my friends

stay tuned.

Added 59 minutes later:

1994 Honda CRX Del Sol SiR for sale is my 1994 Honda Del Sol
car is registered in 1994
has 8 months shaken
car has a D16 engine standard besides an air filter and remus back box, engine is well maintained and is on just 47k, will rise as is my daily
body work on this is mint
comes on bilstein adjustable suspension is curently low
car has CE28ns all round that are 16x10 with part worn budget tyre
car is a brilliant runner selling due to recouping money
asking price with the CE28n's is V$4500 but will take offers
Location: Osaka

tried to be honest with the car its mint, will listen to offers i want it gone!

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