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Ayeeee guys so my skyline got a style up full Nismo replica kit and a neat lil duck tail for 1800V$,mayyyne im missing my EG i should be seeing her in next week in these streets once more but here is my skyline

These are earlier pics the kit came before the nismo hood and fenders

Thats it for the ER34 today,on to my GT86,after some consultation with some friends they said that a good swap would be a sr20 s o i said what the hey imma get it,i got a SR20 VVL turbo had it fitted and wired,since i was gonna be drifting i thought a wisefab kit would be good aswell,i prolly went wild on the stickers tho lol

I decided to get it tuned and put on the dyno,im making some decent figures

and my figures? 490HP almost

Went to the beach side,got a little sideways when the light turned green

Cant edit for shit