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Okay, while my BMW will have my finished engine, I'm working on brown mk2. I think that even when the car looks finished, there's still a lot of work to do.I've invested a lot of money into some rare pars.I also sold some of my old parts that remained to me and I earned 2358V$.I bought a front CL bumper,which included them light washer.I also found a front Kamei hood part on one side.I did not like the front xenon lights, so I bought the stock Westmoreland.

After a long search I found my touched USA brown interior. It is not cheap though, but the car looks super.It included the votex center panel.

I had-17 750V$
+ 375V$
+ 2358V$ (sold parts)
-Front CL bumper 150V$
-Westmoreland headlights 215V$
-Kamei hood part 80V$
-USA brown interior 650V$
Balance of finances 19 388V$
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