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# jdmkvng : Ouuuuu supra getting some love there
That r34 tho,Style up?

Supra is getting a lot of love and even more money lmao :)) :)) :))

eeeehhh Maybe ? OwO . V1.5 i guess

Added 1 hour 12 minutes later:

Upgrade ? ? ?  ヴユ院フ波

Well , Hello there ! I´ve uploaded a little sneak peek of my ER34 Skyline !
Last time you saw my Skyline , it looked like this before i went back to Slovakia for Holidays .

Since then the car went through a full rebuild , respray and a lot more !
The car is now resprayed in Aspen White Pearl glow , OEM Nissan Color . I guess you could call it OEM + look .

As you could see , I run finally a full Nismo kit now except for Front fenders and Rear bumper + I finally have an
aftermarket Hood , to be exact a Top Secret Hood as Well as Top Secret rear bumper with Top secret Diffuser and Addon winglets ,
both painted in white . I also finally decided to put a spoiler on my wingless Skyline lmao ( as you saw on the last photo ) + new Ganador mirrors !
Also as you could see , i don´t run the XT7´s anymore + the car is actually A LOT lower that in was before . The car is sitting on brand new 18 x 9.5 5x100 Work Emotion CR Kiwami Ultimate in White color . Personally i really dig the white on white combo !
The Tires are the same setup that was on my XT7´s ( obv. NEW tires )


Here´s a little closer look on the fitment of my new wheels and
on my brand new eyelids ! She looks so angry now WOW

Speaking of rims and tires and other stuff , i´ve also upgraded from stock
brakes to Brembo BBK - 300MM 6 Piston Front , 278MM 4 Piston Rear .

*Look at that rear lip to fender fitment*

But wait ! Theres more than exterior upgrades ! As you may or may not notice , my ER34 is now caged !
I also switched the seats , for passangers i´ve decided to buy a R34 GTR seat and for myself and my safety i´ve
decided to go with Bride Zeta III reupholstered in Trash Racing pattern and for even more safety i´ve decided to go with Yashio Factory Seatbelt

Also i´ve decided to switch the steering wheel from Nardi to Momo Tuner steering wheel and
i´ve also gave the door cards a little nismo touch !

Well , that´s sums up everything that has been done on my ER34 while i was in Slovakia !

Here are few shots from yesterday´s night Shoot so enjoy ! :-X

And now let´s move to the JZA80 .

First , first interior upgrade - Kouki Recaro seats and Sparco steering wheel , It´s much more comfortable sitting in my
JZA80 now and boy , the steering wheel is amazing to touch!

As i´ve said last time , there few aero bits coming for this car AND , here they are !
First , Authentic Top Secret Carbon rear diffuser that i´ve found on my recent UpGarage visit !
The car needed something for the rear to balance out the other parts , for example the front splitter
( which you will see in a minute ) and OFC , the extremely aggressive Ridox sideskirts .

And Now , let´s move to the front ! Since i have the Ridox Sideskirts ( without the addon splitters and winglets ) +
i have a carbon touch on the back of the car , I´ve ordered a Authentic Ridox Front splitter and Canards !

While i was installing the splitter on the car , i´ve took a few shots of some new parts that i´ve installed on the 2JZ !

To be exact , i´ve installed a brand new Greddy Oil filter AND brand new Greddy Oil Cooler !

And here´s the oilcooler peaking through the front bumper and as you could see ,
i´ve also finally installed the ridox front splitter !

Here´s a detailed look on the brand new Ridox Splitter :

Honestly , the Insignia steelies look kinda weird now ,
but my AVS Model 5´S Are not here yet so i have to use these steelies !
I did a little check up , changed all the fluids and decided
to take her for a little spin !

Dang , she rips ! I´m guessing that i´m running around 540-550HP with just a quick simple tune for now !



Used Top Secret Hood and Rear bumper + diffuser and addon winglets - 1 200V$
Used Ganadors - 400V$
Rollcage - 700V$
18 x 9.5 5x100 Work Emotion CR Kiwami Ultimate in White + Rubber - 2 980V$
Brembo BBK - 2750V$
Headlight Eyelids - 100V$
Bride Zeta III reupholstered in Trash Racing pattern + Yashio Factory Seatbelt - 600V$
Momo Tuner steering wheel - 350V$
326 power universal wing - 400V$
Full Respray in Aspen White Pearglow - 785V$


Greddy Oil filter and Oilcooler - 1 200V$
Top Secret Diffuser - 700V$
Ridox Front splitter + canards - 450V$
Sparco Steering wheel - 300V$
OEM Kouki Recaro seats- 500V$

Everything together - 13 415V$

34 237.51V$ - 13 415V$ = 20 822, 51V$

Sold parts from both R34 and JZA80 -

Set of Uras Exsols - 2 500V$
Set of R33 GTR Rims - 1 700V$
ER34 GTT front bumper - 300V$
OEM JZA80 Zenki front bumper and sideskirts - 700V$
Non-VVTi N/A 2JZ-GE - 3 000V$
OEM JZA80 Zenki seats and steering wheel - 650V$

Weekly Paycheck - 940V$

Everything together - 9 790V$

20 822, 51V$ + 9 290V$ = 30 612.51V$

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