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# BigSmoke : Kanjo is basically Wangan highway runs but done in Osaka's Hanshin Expressway Loop instead of Tokyo's Wangan Line. As the expressway there is twisty compared to the Wangan line which is basically a huuuge straight line, popular car selections usually consist of small cars, and most of them are FWD cars due to being cheap and provides grip (and supposedly easier to detect grip and place your car along the highway). Coincidentally, the most popular car brand used is Honda.

But some members here are known for Kanjo builds that isn't used in Osaka. A very famous example is RocketBunnyS13's CR-X, which sadly has been recently sold. Read his RP for a rundown on how he built it from scratch, it's quite inspirational :thumbsup:

Additionally, you can read these articles.

EDIT: But yes, as some of the articles above point out, some Kanjo runners do track days as well.

thats alot of info, thanks for sharing ill be sure to check it out as im very intrigued.

# jdmkvng : Nice delsol
thanks man, shes only the daily so nothing special.

this kanjo style has really peaked my interest, im gonna go have alook around to see what i can find on them, hey who knows, maybe this is the project im looking for

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