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# MACKAY : Supra is coming along nicely for sure, and those steel wheels is a nice touch, especially that those wheels are most run on German cars haha, heavy af tho.

Also no offense my dude, but I remember you saying - "My R34 gonna be really unique build because of the style i´m going for which is never seen before here and even Mackay´s one is far from that". But you ended up building very similar if not almost identical GTT as mine, fitment, performance and looks wise haha. :)) #inspiredbymackay

I´m sorry but i have to respond to that . I still stand by that sentece , i was never inspired and ´ll never be by your ER34 Skyline . The fact that both of our ER34´s are white doesn´t mean they look similar / my ER34 is inspired by yours . Don´t try to have credit sowhere where you clearly done nothing . End of the Discussion .