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# Soju : I really like how it looks!

Oh thank you so much !

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# BigSmoke : The Supra starts to look very promising :D

Also bonus points for being approved by king of Supras here (Soju)! :thumbsup:

Sure it does .

Aye thanks ! I´m honored that Soju actually likes my JZA80 !

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# jdmkvng : 2jz ready for boost


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Fast Turtle ? ? ? づタトソ彙

Well , after a whole week of hard work , pain , sweat and blood ,
the engine is finally in the car and it´s almost ready for start ! I just need few other little parts and we should be
(fingers crossed) done !

I´ve decided to go with ProSeries Stage 1 2JZGTE Single Turbo Kit that i´s capable of 670 - 700HP !
This Turbokit is based on a Precision Turbo PT6870 GEN2 CEA Turbocharger with Divided Dual
scroll manifold , Precision 46MM Wastegate and more other stuff and also more other configurations ! *LINK*

Also as you could see on the first picture , i´ve decided to go with HKS 264 camshafts and also with their cam belt !
Since the engine was a littlebit modified when i´ve bought it already , this engine setup could hit high 600´s and maybe even more !
But just to be extra safe and be more daily friendly , i´ve decided to run high 500HP , Let´s see how much i can squeeze out of this turbo on the Dyno !

Aside from the engine work , i have some exterior goodies too !
As you could see , the car sits on my old Insignia steelies that i´ve used to have on my PS13 (These Wheels are not gonna stay on the car for 2 long , i was just testing them . I´ve just ordered some AVS model 5´s for this baby so be prepared for them OwO).
Also i´ve decided to switch to the Kouki front bumper and Ridox sideskirts + Top Secret Ganadors that i´ve had laying around in my garage actually even before i´ve had a Supra ! I´ve got them as a gift from my dad .

Here´s a closer look on the sideskirts :

I´ve also went a little sticker crazy on the windows lolololo :)) :)) .
It´s finally starting to look like a street style / grassroots JZA80!

Oh and i´ve almost forgot about my new big as fuck Exhaust !
It´s a J´s racing tip welded to a straight pipe right from the turbo !
God it´s gonna sound so fucking good when it´s 100% done , it´s gonna scream for sure lmao .

Well , that´s it for today ! The next update should be next week and i promise that JZA80 will
be done AND as i´ve said , more aero for JZA80 Is coming ! To be exact , diffuser and new Splitter OwO so be prepared !


More next week OwO


ProSeries Stage 1 2JZGTE Single Turbo Kit - 2 730V$
HKS 264 Camshafts + Cam belt - 700V$
Kouki front bumper - 475V$
Custom exhaust work - 200V$
J´s Racing Tip - 370V$

28 422.51V$ - 2 730V$ - 700V$ - 475V$ - 200V$ - 370V$ = 23 947.51V$

Redesigned 10 Costumers Home interiors - 10 290V$

23 947.51V$ + 10 290V$ = 34 237.51V$

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