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Alright after over a year of been super busy i can say im back on here with my RP. partly the reason i stopped is due to my god damn game breaking :)) anyways


Due to other commitments i unfortunately had to sell the cefiro and the 86 they were sold off cheap due to needing them gone, ive moved to Osaka and started my own custom shop over here, i think ill be showing you guys some of the cars i have come into the shop for work as theres some seriously nice cars. anyway on to the good stuff.

i picked up this del sol from a elderly neighbour about 2 weeks ago completely standard, 47k on the clocks and its mint, its had literally everything its ever needed and its honestly a gem. of course it didnt stay standard for long, i had an old civic backbox lying around so that bolted straight up, then found some original honda nsx wheels for it, i got adaptors so the wheels fit the car, then just yesterday i picked up some coilovers for the car, Tein coilovers so they give the car a nice stance, ive got some photos of before and after the coilovers were fitted just to show the improvement, this been my daily i think ill end up keeping it this way for the forseeable future.

let me know what you guys think of her, and hmu if your also based in osaka would be nice to see some of you guys.

Finances: V$9950
cefiro and ae86 sold +V$4000
honda del sol -V$3000
wheels and adaptors -V$400
Tein coilovers -V$800
remaining V$9750

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