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# Crazy Eighty Eight :
Well, I'll be double damned, nice.

Sure it will OwO , thanks !

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# DEADMANE : Nice come up man! She T H I C C

She is really T H I Q U É . Thank you man !

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# jdmkvng : Nice riiiide boiii

thanks !

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Cool Turtle ギュカ

Ugh , finally back in Japan after the holidays . God i´ve got fatter in Slovakia from all that food lmao .
Right after i came back to Japan , i´ve started working on my JZA80 Supra !

First , Coilovers Time !

I´ve decided to go with Tein Flex Z coilovers because i know that they are really good coilovers and
they can go actually really low ( same coilovers as i have on ER34 )

After few hours of sweat and adjusting , i´ve finally put the car on the ground just to see how it looks !

Oh wow , it´s a LOT lower than it was before . I might actually adjust the front a littlebit more because it´s 2 low for a normal driving .
When i was adjusting the coilovers , i´ve adjusted the front camber just a littlebit and installed extended OEM steering knuckles for more angle ( Since i wanna slide this thing )

Next thing that i´ve did - Adjusted the front coilovers aaaaaaaaaanddddddddd...........

Installed new Wheels - 17´´ Advan AVS VS6 wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza Rubber !
+ i´ve spraypainted the OEM lip in somewhat matching red - this is just temporary thing , i have a lot of
new aero coming for this car to make it look more sporty not like a cool-ish looking turtle lmao .

While i was working on my JZA80 at home , something arrived to the shop !

Yep ! A VVTi , Originally 2JZ-GTE Twin turbo 6 speed manual converted to single turbo . Except for a blown Turbo , the engine is in Perfect condition and other than the Single turbo convert , the engine is pretty much stock , running around 360-380HP !

Honestly this is not gonna be a easy engine swap since it´s an engine from a Kouki JZA80 supra that got totaled .
If anyone wants a N/A automatic , Non-VVTi 2JZ-GE , HMU just so we can talk about the price OwO .

Tein flex Z coilovers - 869.99V$
Advan AVS VS6 wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza tires - 900V$
Spray paint - 15V$
JZA80 Kouki VVTi 2JZ-GTE - 3 980.50V$

33 248V$ - 869.99V$ - 900V$ - 15V$ - 3 980.50V$ = 27 482.51V$

Weekly Paycheck - 940V$

27 482.51V$ + 940V$ = 28 422.51V$

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