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# Soju : Welcome to the Supra gang <3

Thank you boyé !

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# Lagano : That Integra looks like a Subaru now! :P Can't wait to see that Supra though!

Subaru Integra Type-R STI lmaoo :)) :)) :)) . Honestly same , i can´t wait to drive it !

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# jdmkvng : Supraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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Twins ? ? ? ヂかゕ偉

But Nightrunner , i thought that you´ve bought red one or have you bought 2 A80´s ????
Ehhhhhh haha no , the other one is actually my Uncle´s A80 . I´ve always wanted a A80 supra so when he
found these 2 1996 Zenki 2JZ-GE N/A Supra´s i´ve immediately said to him " Buy both of them " through the phone !

Aaaannnnddddd , Which exact one is mine ? The Black one or the Red one ? I´ve decided to buy the R E D one . Even tho the black looks much cleaner , it looks littlebit 2 basic and red cars are faster right ? (Not with that Non VVTi N/A 2JZ lmao)

Both mine and my Uncle´s A80 are the same specs ,
1996 ( Pre-facelift A.K.A zenki ) , N/A Non VVTi 2JZ-GE with automatic transmission
,Similar Milage , in a really good condition .

As i´ve said , the milage on both of the cars is almost the same ,
to be exact mine one have 60 KM on the clock and the black one have 67 KM on the clock .
Even tho the engine is in really good condition , it would be a stupid idea to put turbocharger on a non-VVTi N/A 2JZ-GE so
i´m gonna swap in VVTi 2JZ in my A80 when i´ll come back from Slovakia ! It´s gonna costs me a lot less money than turbocharging the N/A engine .

The interior is actually in a really good condition , just a
littlebit of wear on seats , shift knob and steering wheel but i have something for that in my plans OwO

Oh my god i can´t believe that i actually own a Supra . Not gonna lie i prefer A80 Supra over ER34 skyline . However , the A80 is not gonna be that serious drift car , i just want a simple street style / daily car .

Look at those Lines ! A80 is hands down one of the best , if not the best looking car ever made .

NGL the black one looks really good too !

That´s it for 2018 ! I´ll see you in 2019 and boy oh boy it´s gonna be a year , be prepared for the spam of my new A80 when i´ll come back to Japan !

1996 Toyota Supra A80 Zenki , Non-VVTi , N/A 2JZ-GE , automatic - 16 720V$
27 088V$ - 16 720V$ = 10 368V$

Sold :

S15 Silvia - 12 500V$
AE86 - 8 500V$
2 Weekly Paychecks - 1 880V$

10 368V$ + 12 500V$ + 8 500V$ + 1 880V$ = 33 248V$

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