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# MACKAY : It is awesome to see old members coming back, I still remember looking at your builds more than a year ago and here you are now. I must say that R34 looks really good! If you might ever need R' parts from consider me your plug. :thumbsup:

Welcome back man!

Thanks mate and I definetly will.

So today was busy as hell, I took the car to "Body Sprays and Repairs" here in LA stripped it, inspected the undercarage and everything else.

After taking it apart and talking to the guys, I only needed new coilovers, brakes and rims w/tires. It was time for a lot of phone calls, I got TEIN coilovers here in LA, while the brakes, rims and tires I took from the shop that I had, the whole runing gear set up costed me V$10 500.

The shop owner helped me out sorting an ABC Exclusive kit and the AMG Ducktail replica.

The kit is a straight bolt on just gonna need to spray it. Later in the day I found brabus headlights for sale on ebay in LA, the add was not convincing but what can you do cheap is good hehe. Bought the headlights for V$120. Body kit with the ducktail replica costed me V$2300.

The parts are finished with painting half an hour ago just waiting to dry, then to buff them out and to install on the car.
The only thing missing is an engine, so if you have a good engine or know a good engine with more then 6 cyl let me know. Thanks!

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