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S14, i'd say maybe some form of yellow could be good?
Oh and sad C-rex is all bland now. But bet you'll bring it back to the same level, if not better!


Hmmm yeah the OEM S15 Yellow seems nice. And I'll do a livery on when something cool pops up. Right now I'd prefer the car to be lowkey (Not that it's the police are looking for it or anything hehe)

# Soju : That S15 <3


# MACKAY : You are crazy, how the fuck are you supposed to drive such a low STATIC car man, I couldn't, but you seem to do it just fine haha! It looks like it is on air with such "tuck" setup, even tho it looks very hot I can already imagine the pain while driving it and scrapping the underneath, aahhh. Also CRX looks very beautiful livery-less, I missed that look. :thumbsup:

Hahahaha, well the roads over here are silky smooth so driving this low isn't much of a chore at all. And it's not my daily so things are less likely to go haywire. Thanks for the compliments! I'm slowly starting to dig the CR-X's livery-less look too haha :)

# marcus915 : S15 is looKING FIRE A F


But thank uuuu <3

# BigSmoke : Boi the S15 is just PURE FIRE! :O
Also, what are your plans with the C-REX now?

As of the S14 color, orange/vermillion or dark purple would be nice.Or a very,very dark green, as dark as the one on Lotus Carlton/Lotus Omega

Thanksssss! This is definitely my favorite iteration of the S15. C-REX is staying lowkey for a while haha.

Yeah I was also thinking of a dark purple or green, something unique but not loud. I'll look into it, thanks for the idea!

# Nightrunner : Oh yap , you´ve done everything that i´ve wanted to do ! Fuck , now i want another one , wait , i might or might not buy one pretty soon


# Renaruto : Oooo Yes TEs on the Rex are looking nice! And the S15 is just.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA N U U U T

TEs look good on just about EVERY car. And THANKSSSSSS B :cheers:

Added 1 hour 31 minutes later:


More mods have come for FaCe1, the daily Civic FC1! Got myself a fancy Hondata FlashPro to harness the extra unchurned horses under the hood. For V$695, I had it ordered and installed at Spoon's Type One Shop, inclusive of a V$90 dyno session, and around V$300 fabrication and extra parts. 180 hp and 177 lb-ft as advertised.

Figures before the FlashPro? A surprising 180 whp and 175 wtq, bone stock!! Those are some pretty healthy figures.

Now with the FlashPro, new intake, new exhaust, new test pipe. We ended up getting a final figure of 233 whp and 268 wtq! That is a HUGE increase (+53 whp and +93 wtq increase!)

That was super epic. On that happy bombshell I shook the people of Type One's hands and proceeded to my way home. I took a longcut via this winding road pass for extra FUN. It ended up being an impromptu solo touge session, and I enjoyed it a LOT.

ENEOS Pre-Flight Check-Up. Fluids, Check. Transmission, Check. Engine, Check. Suspension, Check. Wheels, Check. Brakes, Check. Happiness, CHECKERINO.

And so it began.

Somewhere near the peak I stopped for a bathroom break. I resumed the trip after about 5 minutes of resting and scenery admiring.

A few more kilometers and I was finally at the peak. Beautiful trees, a calming breeze, and the perfect weather made me feel that I was in my element. I should come back in the S15 or the CR-X or the S14.

After all the slight hooning I was finally at home. Got dressed out of my work clothes and into the casuals, and went ahead to WestKyo

Over there I did some work on C-REX. I finally got around to mounting some Advan Neovas on those TE37s, and installing them on the car. PHENOMENAL. The car feels lighter, more rigid, and more grippy. It's amazing what a good wheel and tire combo can do. 100,000 yen (V$1,000) for a set of 205/50/R15 AD08Rs + free installation. Super worth it!

And now the S14. Apparently, the OEM Kouki Front Bumper I had on it wasn't really OEM at all. I bought some brand new Kouki Bumper Lights off of a nearby Nissan Dealer for 34,000 yen (V$340) and surprisingly, they didn't fit! Brackets were non-existent, and the overall shape didn't even match. So at that point I got myself a genuine OEM Kouki Front Bumper, brand new from Nissan! I paid a hefty 50,000 yen (V$500) for it, luckily the price already included the paint-matching and painting (even though I'll probably repaint this car in another color. But, oh well).

Aside from that, I was also lucky enough to get my hands on a used OEM Kouki Rear Bumper and OEM Kouki Front Grile! 20,000 yen (V$200) and 10,000 yen (V$100) respectively, off Up Garage.

I rattle canned my fenders white just so I could kind of tie the whole look together. Not too bad but will need a thorough respray in the future. Paint was a mere 3,000 yen (V$30) off Super Autobacs.

Last change, the wheels. I swapped out the Fortecs Squrossas for a set of (F:17x9.5 +30 R:17x9.5 +12, wrapped in 235/40/R17 Dunlop Sport Maxx RTs all around) Gram Light 57Cs I had laying around. The offset on these ones are much lower, hence the more aggressive, much better fitment. My Squrossas are now for sale if anyone's interested, V$850 gets em!

And lastly, Project Strawberry. No updates apart from the feedback that it HANDLES AMAZING. Almost stock SR20DET with raised boost, paired with some sticky Advan Neovas A048s and it still manages to slide good! The Tein coilovers are holding up fantastically as well. The only gripe I have is that the WiseFab setup this car has (Nightrunner installed it a while back when it was still his) feels kind of overkill in terms of countersteer steering angle. So I'll be selling the WiseFab Angle Kit as well, I'm also willing to swap this kit to an OEM setup, just slide into my DMs for offers!

V$66,194.52 + V$940 (Weekly Paycheck x1) - V$695 - V$90 - V$300 - V$1,000 - V$340 - V$500 - V$200 - V$100 - V$30 = V$63,879.52

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