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I floored it and its not what you think.

Now it's been a month since I've been working on the Golf and the biggest phase has been taken on, we hit the road and floored it.

Oh, you thought it ran ? Oh no bro's I mean I literally floored it, clever eh ?

The Golf has been bagged boys, and its not really complete as of yet I'm still calibrating the air suspension and wheel fitment, but how it sits is fucking mad, the car looks fit, most of the work done on the car has been mostly electrical, I relocated the battery and removed some of the old wiring to prepare to replace them.

I'm content with the reservoir and compressor placement.

And without further adieu the rims and the motor has arrived:

Re-barrelled BBS RS's these just bring back memories of my FRS honestly, now these have been put together with a couple of friends so I'm not to confident on the build quality, the mesh and barrelled lip are legit (peep but I may drop them off to be rebuilt just to be sure.

Oh and the VR6 has arrived and shit, I'm gonna need a lot more on it actually since it's just a long block, right....this is gonna be fun.


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