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# snn475san : Looks great,uras always looked amazing

Aye thanks ! They truly looks good on R34 somehow lmao .

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# jdmkvng : Rims are sick af

Thank you so much !

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# marcus915 : exsols work nicely on the 34

I know right ? They fit really well . However in my opinion , the R34 stockies fit well too !

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# MACKAY : Seriously, those wheels looks good as fuck! Even though I am not a fan of OEM GTT bodykit yours looks good, probably the second GTT appearance R34 that I like, first one being Skip's friends red one. And yeah.. If you want a cage just hit me up man and I will be down to help, half of the forum is running my cages or chassis reinforcement in one way or another, not only Muza', 11k, Erwin, radcoon, Lagano, Zero, Macaron and the list goes on and on haha. Anyways, get well soon man! :thumbsup:

I´m kinda shocked at the fact how good they look on R34 . Wow , i really appreciate it , especially from you , you can´t even imagine how much this means to me dude . Well , it´s not gonna be stock GTT "bodykit" for 2 long lmao . As I´ve said i want new , more aggressive sideskirts that will fit the GTT front bumper and more clean-ish rear bumper . If you like the car as it is right now already , just wait 1-2 months , but for now , no more spoilers ;)

Well , your work is amazing and it would be my dream to have a cage from you in my car . However , it´s 2 early to have a rollcage in my R34 because it´s stil a "clean" street car , well the first version is at least lmao .

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# Soju : That R34 looks sexy af, I want the R34 as well :-X

aye , thank you ! Do it , there´s R34 for everyone lmao .

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# Shez : Sad to see the DC5 gone, that thing was gorgeous as hell tho :crying:

Anyway, rad 34 boy! I really love the how the way it sits with those exols... goddamn it's fucking great :-X

It truly was but now she´s in car heaven :crying: :crying: :crying:

Aye , thanks ! It should be littlebit lower to be honest . :))

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Style UP + ! ! ! ア宇ェ嵐ンゾ

Wh-W-What ? We Thought that you´ll be recovering from the crash! Well , i can´t be in one place too long and i was bored + i was feeling a lot better than last week so i´ve started to working on my Skyline . First thing as you could see , new rims . Already ? Well , these ones are i guess you could say drift spares lmao . (To be honest the Exsols are prob. gonna be the drift spares lmao )
What wheels are they to be exact ? Well , they are brand new 18´´ Work Emotion XT7´s wrapped in brand new Advan Neova´s , i´ve bought them from my friend for a pretty good price . Why he was selling brand new rims with tyres ? They didn´t really fit lmao , so he sold them to me . As you could see , even on my Skyline they are extremely meaty , finally a aggressive fitment ! They poke out a lot more than the Exsols , i´ve had to even roll out the fenders ( in the future i´m gonna have to roll them even more if i want to go lower , which i do)

Okay , what next? Well , i´ve bought nismo sideskirts for more aggressive fitment + i´ve sold my abflug rear bumper , guess i´m gonna run my Skyline bumperless for a while ... JK i have something coming really soon !
I´ve ordered them on Thursday and they arrived on friday . God , i´m so pumped ! Lets install them !

Here´s a closer look on the new
sideskirts !

The installation itself was pretty easy , just needed to make them fit a littlebit since they are for GTR and i
obv i GTT R34 but i think i did a good job and they fit perfectly !

After i took the photo of the already installed sideskirts i
took her out for a little spin on Akina and took few pics !

After that , i came back to the shop park the car inside of the shop and went home .
The next day i got a call from my uncle that a package for me came in , a big one .
Hmm. What could it be ? Maybe my new bumper ? *thinking emoji*
Hell yeah , when i came to the shop , the bumper that i´ve ordered from a dude from Tokyo finally came in .
To be exact , it´s a nismo R34 bumper , however without the pointy bits ( same with the sideskirts but that will change in the future )

I´ve had to do the same thing as i´ve did with the sideskirts , make the bumper fit to the GTT body .
Took me a littlebit more time than sideskirts did but at the end , it looks so good !

God damn , it looks A LOT better than the Abflug one. The abflug rear bumper would look good only if i´d have the whole Abflug bodykit but with the OEM+ body parts that i have on the car it doesn´t really fit .

Right after this shot i took the car to the local body shop called " Benny´s" to respray the whole car and fix the little dents and scratches . I´m gonna post weekly updates on the R34 . Also i´ve changed my mind and i dont want the black color anymore , however , i can´t decide for shit about the new color of my R34 . If you could write some suggestions down bellow it would really help me pick the right color ! I don´t want something extremely bright ,i want something pretty dark , but not as dark as the black that is currently on the car .

Well , that´s all that i have for u guys today ! ( I´m sorry for the lack of text but
i´m really fucking exhausted and i can´t be arsed to write something detailed right now ... I hope that i´ll feel better next time ! )


18´´ Work Emotion XT7 wrapped in Advan Neova tires - 2 297.99V$
R34 GT-R Nismo sideskirts - 460V$
R34 GT-R Nismo rear bumper - 600V$

29 886.01V$ - 2 297.99V$ - 460V$ - 600V$ = 26 528,02V$

Abflug R34 rear bumper - 480V$
Weekly Paycheck - 750V$

26 528,02V$ + 480V$ +750V$ = 27 758,02V$

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