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Trip #1

So I arrived in Japan as planned too, but earlier than my guys Soju and Mr.Lee. (shit my back hurts again,dem bucket seats.)
Me in advance headed to Aho's garage in Aichi at first to prepare extra stuffs onto drift matsuri.
There weren't many things visually changed in his garage except extra cool JZX vibrations!

Firstly Aho with his Chaser, have quit this year's whole Drift Kingdom schedule staying front end half-stripped.
He said he cancelled schedules since he's building another JZX slowly,
that he doesnt want to spend his time harshly doing both drifting under competition&building another car.
Apart from that, his Chaser will be reborn and drive crazy in no time I swear.
I will also feature about 'new' JZX shortly later on post!

Then there goes my long awaited Mark II.
I noticed it having minor tweaks given at first glance, especially the big ass drag wing from Aho's Chaser is really killing,
aswell the front spring has raised abit..... a bit. sometimes a bit affects the biggest ayy :))
Anyways it is too glad to see my only drift car has taken good care that Aho has to offer.
I already cannot wait to ignite the engine and shred out of it ahaha.

Aho's 'new' JZX was an Cresta. He started building it very early this year, like January.
He said he had most of the major stuffs organized on April, but hes struggling from finding right setups,
on how to get the car under full control satisfying his Shakotan style ride height,
while having 380~400 horsepower which is lesser than his 700hp ex-drift JZX.
Now I understood why he cancelled whole schedule.
Oh and he even joined 'Kansai all star' this summer with this car, you better find some infos on Japanese webs!

So what am i going to do next? Im thinking of Drift matsuri in priority,
but I want to meet you guys around forum having BBQ&Beers, especially Mackay!
Maybe going to head to Mackay's place with my Korean friends....
Umm,well, lets see what will happen later, see you then!

~ Finances ~

2x paychecks : 1880V$
carbon sheet (on e36 wing) : 150V4

9732+1730V$ = 11462V$

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