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Count me in on the restoration of it. After all, i did own the car for quite a while and know a fair share of it. I'll help as far as possible in getting it back to its former glory mate. Sad the good ol' SR is dead tho :(
THANK YOU FOR BRINGING IT BACK TO OURSELVES. Lets build it back up better than before!

Sure thing! Idk, I'm an S-Chassis purist and as much as I prefer the SR20 (Even though the one you put in was an S13 SR it was still rad), the RB25 is kind of growing on me haha. And YAP NP, we're gonna bring this car back to its former glory!

# jdmkvng : That honda is really nice
Good luck with the nissan


# Lagano : I knew it!!! Who would've thought it would get a RB25 swap in only 2 weeks haha. Well now we both have RB S14s! :D I'm in Osaka at the moment, i know you guys are coming for a visit but unfortunately i don't have my S14 here. It's at the shop in Tokyo so if i'll drop by there sometime i could take you for a ride!

Hahaha, it was pretty obvious tbh. 2 weeks to destroy a built S13 SR20DET hahahaha. YOOOOO didn't know your S14 was RB'd too, team!! And yeah we'll definitely see each other in Osaka! I'll take you out for a spin in my CR-X!

# Renaruto : I really, really like how that FC1 sits! Also that S14 looks like a really nice base for a full project.. already kinda miss mine lmao

((I also love the fact my R-Style seats are now just a real thing in the rp-universe lmao))

Thanks bb <3 . Yeah the S14 is gonna need some extensive TLC, but it'll get there! Get another S14!! Haha

(YAP, they're gREAT SEATS with those textures)

Added 7 minutes later:

S15 done!

Small update compared to the previous one, but oh well. So yeah, picked up Project Strawberry from Benny's and dropped it off at the crib. The color? It's a secret HAHAHAHA. Nah, you'll find out soon enough.

Then the next morning I set off to WestKyo in C-REX.

For a more detailed and elaborate depiction (with included dialogue!), check out Niatross' RP! Anyway, when I got to WestKyo (pics on Niatross' RP), I saw Marc feeling drousy, and Muzahid feeling a bit dreary. To be honest, I wasn't feeling my best either, so drove to the nearest Burger King, and ordered all of us a cup of BK Joe each.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!


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