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# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Yo bro ! Sick update as always ! I'm really digging the way Angelina looks ! I love it ! The Millitary Green-ish color really gives the car that "godzilla" look ! I quite like it ! Keep her safe man , she's a beauty !

As for the winter car , ahh man , I dunno haha ! It really depends what you want from it , and in your case , something cheap and cool could work out pretty damn well ! My first choice for a cheap "beater" would definitely have to be a Kouki 180sx or something. You already know me man , I'm a huge Kouki lover so yeah ! You can find pretty cheap ones if you know where to look , but anyway , a rwd cheap and reliable car would definitely be the ideal winter car for you ! Maybe you could even keep it for some time and eventually go all out with it ! You already know I'm willing to help , so if ya need anything , you know who to call ! ;) But yeah , I hope you'll find something decent pretty soon ! Just so you know , you can drop by my place anytime ! I could even teach you some stuff about engine building and stuff of that nature , you never know when that knowledge will come in handy haha ! But yeah , whatever you decide to do , I'll support you ! ( except if you LS swap something , then we're gonna have to talk hehe ) Anyways man , I'll see you around , peace !

Erwiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! How r' you dude?

Thankssss for the words!!!

And about the winter car , you know me since high school , so you know me pretty dan good lmao , i wanted something cheap , reliable , a car that i can drive like it was stolen , but really fun , and RWD , cuz i'm a freakin masochistic and i want to drive a drift missile in the snow and in the ice lmao, also i looked some dc5's but they're too much nice for use and abuse them in the snow , and the purpouse of the winter car is store the nice car for special times , and use the beater , cheap , little trash car for avoiding damage to the nice car...
Also , a friend got an imported "missile-ish" 240 with a blown single cam KA-T , maybe i can make an K-swap (for reliability and VTEC lmao , i'm transforming in Shingo LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL), will be a 160hp-ish fun rwd piece of winter junk , maybe i will pick it up, idk. also for avoiding the extremely mainstream SR swap...

Also about ls swaps , i'm pretty poor , so ls swap isn't an idea , but if i have the money i won't make ls swap to any car , except RX8'S , Rotary's are beautyful , but the renesis is JUNK , Change my mind lmao , the only japanese car that deserves an LS Swap, is the RX8 , more power and torque , lightweight , more reliable , and they pack more than 400hp in an n/a base, and they hold on boost pretty darn good, so if i'm going to ls swap a car , will be an RX8 with the renesis missing or blown lmao, but i need more than 6 grand for only the engine and parts for the swap (not counting the car price) , and i'm only with 6k , so if i get a RX8 , maybe i will get an 13B-TT from a wrecked fd or some cheap 2uz-fe with a ka24 5 speed gearbox, idk...

But i don't want an RX8 (NOW , because the project will need engine swap and i dont have the money , except in the case of the 240 because , a k24 you can find it from a crv in the junkyard for less than 1500$ with all the wiring , transmission , etc, put an s2k tranny , new clutch , flywheel , new driveshaft , the manual transmission ecu (if the engine got originally got an automatic transmission) , some little bits and ready 2 go , also kits for making k-swaps in 240's/200's/180sx are plentiful and cheap , so , if i get the car cheap i can make the k-swap.

But anyway , The winter car will be an s-chassi, maybe will be that missile-ish imported 240, but it will be an s-chassi for sure.

Anyway , if u want , you can pass by now to my workshop , go for a ride in our cars , drink some beers , talk about good ol' times , about new business , and some other things. Or if u want i can go to your workshop and help you with that S14 build and see all of your projects!

Thanks for everything my buddy!

(P.S : wtf ? , i didn't notice the green touches , because the previous owner painted the car in the gunmetal gray of the BNR32, maybe is the workshop light reflection , because in the outside pics the green isn't showing up , maybe the paint got some little green , idk)

(p.s 2 : Lol , now that i'm looking the workshop and outside pics , looks like the paint got a little of brown/bronze/gold , maybe is only the lights or maybe is the paint , this is the mistery of the millenium LMAO)

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