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# snn475san : looking clean,i love all of them!

Thank you ! I really apreciate it !

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# RocketBunnyS13 : Work Emotion M8Rs look pretty good! Not my cup of tea, but they're decent haha. Digging the wrap as well

Personally I really really REALLY like them ! I'd say they go pretty well with the black wrap , which also , thank you ! I really like the wrap too !

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Your builds are amazing like always!
I love your E36 SO MUCH! i'm babying lmao
That S14 looks very promising! but i thought that you will not buy s-chassis, now you understand why i love them so much? They are so beautyful that you can't deny one hahahahaha
And the R33, mane, you're making me want to buy a BNR33, but i'm poor sadly.
Maybe one day...
Hey if u want in the weekend pass by to my workshop, drink some beers, and remember the good ol'days
Cheers dude!

Hahaha bro ! Whats's up man ?
Thank you ! I love it too , but oh man , it could be so much better ! Just you wait for the update haha ! Some things happened to it !
Also , huge thanks for the kind words man , I'm really happy that you like my work , it means a lot !
Ahh haha , the Kouki isn't mine , it's owned by my friend Rich back from the US , and what I'm pretty much doing with it is building it into an absolute monster and sending it back to the US. It's a little/big project , but oh man , I enjoy having an S-chassis around , I really like them ! I would personally buy one , but having so many project cars and cars in general is pretty damn tough haha !
Ahh the GTR , I'm glad you like it man ! I still dream of the day when we'll cruise together in our '33s... Ahh ,but still , who knows what the future will bring you ? I wasn't expecting to own such cars ever , and here I am ! One thing is always true though , hard work pays off and if you got that cash, you can make your dreams come true, so keep on pushing as much as you can , you'll get there ! ;)
I dunno bro , I would love to ! But ahh , my parts for the Kouki build finally arrived , my garage is full of boxes and parts , so why don't you come over ? I've got so much stuff to do , but hey , one extra pair of hands always comes in handy , and maybe you'll learn a thing or two , who knows ? Haha !
But yeah man , if you got any plans or something , just give me a call , I'll help you out with anything that I can , so yeah , I can't wait to meet you man ! Peace , homie !

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