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#150123   2018-10-09 16:21          
# Nightrunner : god damn. c your 180sx looks good . Also , i hope that you are alright !
Ay thanks a lot man,im getting better! <3

# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Dude , your 180sx looks hotboi as fuck ! I love it ! The 180sx was always on the back of my mind , I love it ! I'd love to own one again and go back to my roots , but I have way to many cars right now , and I don't think another one would help haha :P But yeah man , that thing looks amazing !
Thanks man! I bought it to have some fun over the winter but shit got out of the control lmao!


A smol update on the CRX and the EG6.
First of all,got a OEM spoiler in the back for the CRX,changed the exhaust setup.
Its a little bit louder and more raspy but i like it,im also taking the car to change the wheels and tyres set for the winter ones.
But thats for the other update.
Other thing,a guy from Tokyo called me and told me he saw that i was selling the EG6.
He is coming tommorow to check out the car,im selling it without the wheels and tyres tho.
Brakes are bad on it,so i will give it for a reasonable price.
I also took it for a little spin on the highway,there was no police so yeah!
Started redocorating the garage with more Honda themed stuff,it should be over tomorrow so i will post the new look too!
Anyway thats it,thanks for the feedback!

Balance - 2.300V$
Weekly income - 750V$
Sold the old exhaust R1 TITAN - 250V$
Spoiler - 60V$
Welding for the new exhaust - 50V$
Total - 3.190V$
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