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Short Update! 更新

Guess what boys? Mugen kit is already painted and fitted on the car! B) All repainted in same exact championship white to match the rest of the car.

I also bought my old OEM DC5 rims back for my winter tires (I know, it's still a looong way to go, but there's nothing wrong being like this right??).


Just quick mockups, I won't use these rims until winter (ngl it looks so much better than my TCIII).

If you noticed it, I rearranged the stickers on the car. It looked cleaner now haha :)) .

Electrical Shock

When I'm driving back home, I realized that my electricals somehow fells weak.

Good thing I already bought spare battery, time to connect it to the car.

Good ol' battery.

It's out! time to fit the new one :) .

Fyuhh, that's quite challenging haha yes, I deadass didn't wear my gloves .

I actually got a shock when I tried to uninstalled the old one.

Added 1 minute later:

# snn475san : good stuff!

Sad that good stuff doesn't come in cheap lol, thx anyway!