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Sim Simma  -可雨

Eghm , yes , Brand new car and so far my most expensive thing i´ve ever bought lmao .

Since EG and CR-X are gone sadly , i´ve needed a new daily .
BMW is my most fav car brand ever #EUROGUY
so when i saw ad on this Euro spec 2014 F21 BMW M135i i´ve nutted myself .

But when i saw the price , ooooofff i´ve almost fainted from that number .
18 500V$ ! ! !

(Pic from the AD)

The car was Located in Tokyo BMW dealer . So i went on a little trip to Tokyo (AGAIN)
So now , i´m here sitting with BMW key in my pocket and empty wallet . Oh god , what have i´ve done :facepalm:
But hey , at least I have BMW ! Hey Mackay , i think i´m gonna
need your help with some modifications for this bad boy since you are a big BMW and Nissan expert .

Oh my god . Even tho she drained me out of money , she´s beautiful !
Ugh , those beautiful eyes :-X

As you could see , the car sits on BMW 343 wheels + i´ve got the original m135i wheels as winter wheels !

Even tho it´s a hatchback and some people say that this BMW
is ugly , personally i think it looks amazing and really aggressive !

Well , let´s move to the interior shall we ?
The interior is amazing , the quality of materials is unreal .
Especially the seats . They are extremly comfortable !

I´m really impressed by the interior of this car !

The steering wheel is really good , amazing to touch .

The dash looks amazing in my opinion . Even the plastic bits feels really nice !

Here´s a little closer look on the center panel

Okay , let´s move to the engine shall we ?
Here´s THE amazing N55 turbo engine !

The engine is pushing 315 HP / 235 kW and 332 ft lb / 450 Nm of torque

Can´t wait to drive this bad boy on some touge style roads !

Here are some beauty shots of my new M135i so sit down and enjoy !

After a small photoshoot i´ve took her out for a little spin , literally

Skrrrrt を日オ

Here are some informations about the car :
2014 BMW F21 M135i Pre-Facelift
46 xxx.xx KM
1 owner
Amazing condition
No dents
No scratches
315 HP / 235 kW
332 ft lb / 450 Nm
N55 Turbo engine
BMW 343 wheels
Stock M135i wheels as winter wheels
Imported from Germany

Well , that´s it for today guys , i hope that you´ve enjoyed todays update !
(Also big update on DC5 and GT86 on Monday as i´ve said !)

1990 Honda CR-X SiR - 2 500V$
1994 Honda Civic Si EG hatch - 5 500V$
Mentioned in Shez-es roleplay - 250V$

26 646.3V$ + 2 500V$ + 5 500V$ + 250V$ = 34 896.3V$

2014 BMW F21 M135i - 18 500V$

34 896.3V$ - 18 500V$ = 16 396.3V$

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