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# Lagano : Damn nice work on that R34! It really has a 2000's vibe, also because of the neons haha. And you got a M4?! I knew that an ordinary BMW wagon wasn't cool enough for you lol. Integrale wheels were a very weird choice but they make the M4 look special! I think they would look even better on your E36, why don't you try that? :D HREs look super cool on it too but i'm just curious. And that purple looks amazing, i can still hardly believe that it was a factory color!!

Thanks a lot man! Radcoon did amazing job on that GTT, I just did my "final touch" with those neons haha! I guess so, even tho I loved my wagon a lot M4 does it better in every way possible, maybe only lacks space.. But yeah, even tho I have M4 I am already thinking of getting something F' chassis again, but because I have so much projects and plans in my mind I don't know when will it happen.. Also about fifteen52's, yeah they would look good on E36 too, but R19 is way too big for E36'es imo, but I will test fit them someday for sure!

# Nightrunner : Aye the god of forums is back with a really big BANG . Congrats on your ROTM win , your gtr have really unique look especially with that livery . Anyways , your gti looks hotboi as hell , maybe we could go for a little ebisu sesh in the future when i’ll be done with my ZN6 OwO . Sad to see r33 go but damn , that m4 looks AMAZING . Again , great job m8!

Haha, thanks for good words man, it means a lot to me! We are definitely hitting Ebisu later in the future for sure! Also don't be sad about R33 cause it is in good hands, Erwin owns it, and you can follow its progress there!

# Niatross : always had a soft spot for M4's
Must say, good choice on everything as usual man! :thumbsup:

M4's is the shit now, I really love those cars myself too! Thanks man!

# snn475san : ooof good stuff goood stuff!


# Macaron_Moon : I hope you get over whatever problem you're having, us west capital boys are here if you need any help.

Best wishes mate

Yeah.. Running such business all day everyday and night is putting a lot of pressure on me but everything will be alright, I need to take a break and relax properly.. I know, and I appreciate that man! Thanks!

Tokyo bound adventures next !

# 11000rpm : R34 GTT is coming nicely, it appeals to be more of a drift car now, a set of uras kit could complete the 'hotboi' style. Nice find on BMWs aswell, I have another BMW fella to share some infos :))

Well i have no idea where to drift at, maybe maze or ebisu...? idk lol, I'll tell you very soon!

Yeah, I was thinking about BN kit at first, but then I decided that I will keep the Nismo kit on it, just because it looks like GTR' haha, it fucks with people minds you know. :)) Hell yeah you have! I don't even remember for how long I been complaining to you that I need E36' in my life and now I have, I guess its been more than a year for sure since I mentioned it to you for the first time haha.

I'm down for anything boi, as long as we doing some next level tandems haha! ♥


And goddamn, 2 new Bimmas! An F82 (One of my DREAM CARS) and a very special E36, goddamn.

Again, you fully deserved to win ROTM and I couldn't have lost to a better rival. Good show!

If you're ever in Tokyo just hit us up man, we'll be there faster than you can say 1996 BMW 328i E36 //M Package Techno Violet hahahaha

Yeah, I got what I truly wanted I guess, even tho I am not using that M4 as often as I would like. I just love both Nissans and BMW's.

It won't be fair to compete in ROTY without your CRX as a rival, you need to enter once again in the future for ROTM, I'm sure you will be taking the W' next time!

Definitely, I guess I will be booking hotel in Tokyo soon just to fuck around and relax like I always do there, and hell yeah I am calling you up guys, we need to get together properly this time, we had so much close calls but never get to know each other properly. :thumbsup:

# Franklin : Ooooooffffffffff dude
those cars are sick!

Thanks my man!