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# snn475san : Ooooof great deal u got there!
Good luck with the new project boiiii

I hope that it´s gonna be pretty easy project but let´s see OwO . Anyway , thank you ! Yep , i was shocked how cheap it was . Maybe it´s stolen lmao . Well , let´s hope not .

Added 28 minutes later:

Style + ! ! ! ぬの波やリ

Hello guys , i´m back today with another update on DC5 .

Not gonna lie , my DC5 is pretty quiet (Well , not anymore lololo)

Yesterday i´ve asked my uncle if he could make
some custom exhaust for me for my DC5 .
He actually said yes if i´ll help him out with it .
I was like : " Uhmm..... Yeah of course , duuh "

After few hours we were actually done !

You may ask what we did ?
Actually we made custom catback with HKS tip .
Boy , not only it looks good but it also sounds 10x better than the stock exhaust and
i´m guessing that it´s gonna make a littlebit more horsepower too !

Anyway , fast forward today ...

Seat install !!!!
I´m not saying that the old seats were bad , actually , they were pretty good but
i wanted something littlebit better and more stylish i guess you could say .

So i´ve bought myself a Bride Zeta III R-Style Carshop Checkboard seats
that i´ve got from a local Up Garage actually !

But , let´s start shall we ?

Old seats out , New Seats in !
This was actually pretty simple and quick install tbh and man , they look so good ! ! !

God damn , not only they look amazing but they are actually pretty good in holding me tight in seat , that´s + !

(Also i´ve relocated the plate to the side as you could see)

Oh , i´ve almost forgot , i´ve bought another set of wheels for DC5 !

One of my friends had Kosei K1 on Michelin Pilot Sport 4´s ( the same tire that i have on my CR-kai´s )

Well , they look AMAZING on DC5 ! Reminds me somehow Kanjo style .
Hmm , Kanjozoku DC5 ? *thinking emoji*

Also , my trip to Tokyo is delayed to tomorrow because i simply just don´t have time today :c

HKS tip - 450.99V$
Bride Zeta III R-Style Carshop Checkboard seats - 1 700.52V$
Kosei K1 on Michelin Pilot Sport 4´s - 780V$

29 477.81V$ - 450.99V$ - 1 700.52V$ - 780V$ = 26 546.3V$

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