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# snn475san : miiiinntt

Thanks !

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# snn475san : miiiinntt

Thanks !

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# jdmkvng : CRX is fire bro...rims are nice

Thanks ! Your cars looks fire too !

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Goodbye my Lover , Goodbye my Friend 王キ波ヒ夜ッ ツ 

So ... the dude came today to take a look on my EK . He really liked how clean and well made she is . After a small talk about the car we started talking about the price . And then he said that he understands how much work went into this car and he offered me 9 720V$ . I was speechless for a minute ... Then after a while I´ve said yes , he gave me the money , i gave him the keys and EK was his . This was actually really fun project filled with a lot of work and money . But it´s time to move on another projects .
So i guess , goodbye my little baby :-X

And she´s gone ...

After i´ve sold him my EK , he saw my EG civic and started asking questions about it . I´ve said him everything about the car , how i got it , what was done to it etc etc . He said that he might buy it in the future . Well , i´m not sure if i want to sell my EG too but let´s see ...

1997 Honda Civic DX Hatch - 9 720V$
15 633.61V$ + 9 720V$ = 25 353.61V$ - Am i getting rich finally ?!?