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# RocketBunnyS13 : NOOOOOOOOOOO Z33 GONE. But I guess from a practicality standpoint, the ES really is the better daily. At least things are going HAWWWWTTTT for both the S13 and S14!

I already flippin miss the Z smh :((((
well yeah you right lmao. i only sold it for the betterment of my other cars

Added 16 seconds later:

# Nightrunner : Rest in peace Z33 :c . But helloooooo S14 , she is looking hella good !
Aye thanks!

Added 55 seconds later:

# radcoon : The S14 turning out really well. Nice to see you didn't go to crazy on the bodykit.

Really a shame the z is gone...

That was my intial plan on the S14 lmaoooooo
but welp, friends forced me towards the OEM+ culture. AND IM LOVING IT!

Added 38 minutes later:

S13 gets some angle!

Got some used suspension goodies from an UpGarage, especially for the front of the S13.
Some tierods, better upper arms, rack offset spacers.

With everything put on, the stance of the car is slightly different (on the front atleast)

The wheel now has quite some poke. and i had to raise the suspension a bit to avoid rubbing issues. negative camber is increased too

After that i took the car to a local garage to complete the last steps.
A dyno tune, and an alignment

Parked in dyno, hood popped


now after the tune was completed,


316hp, 275lb-ft of torque! not a big heap of power but IM MORE THAN SATISFIED! just above 300hp should be perfect for drifting it!

after that they aligned the suspension. AND THE CAR IS DONE!

Quick test, did some donuts right outside the garage

As for the (now)KOUKI

the front end of it is complete. got me some OEM kouki heads (for now at least), and an OEM grill

Dropped it off at benny's to get painted.
Guess its time to dig deep for some livery ideas, cuz i still dont know what sort of livery i want on it
But lets see where time takes us

That'll be all for now. Thank you very much for stopping by! :D

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