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# radcoon : Those mugen parts look great! And price wise they really been a steal deal!
Great how the CRX turns!
Yeah,he had them for his civic but he doesnt have time anymore to work around the cars so he is selling everything cheap.
And thanks a lot!

Engine is here!

Remember when i said i found the engine in the good shape?
Well the guy who works on the yard pulled it out of the Honda Si EP3 and called me this morning while i was sorting the interior out,i couldnt go to pick it up so he delivered it to my garage.
We talked for a little bit and he went back to the yard while i checked the engine.
Its a K20A3 2.0 160hp engine from the Stock RSX/EP3 Si,he said tranny has some problems so i will have to check whats that about.
Thats it,heres some pictures of the engine and the interior,tell me what u think about the whole Mugen ambient :P
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