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New parts!

Good news,parts came in i test fitted them on the crx,i went around the scrapyards and i found the engine in a good shape!
Found a guy that is selling a whole interior in a prestine shape,so im buying that,new coilovers too,i want the crx in the best condition!
Bad news,i lost my job today,they said im fired because i couldnt get to the job on time,thats because i was sick but shit happends i guess...
I have some money saved so thats a plus until i find a new job...
When i get the new parts im gonna sell the old coilovers,and the oem brakes,anyway thats it!

Balance - 8.380V$
New Work CR01's 15's - 1.288V$
Complete Brembo Racing brake kit - 900V$
Total - 6.192V$
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