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# S-Chassi Lover : Ofofofoffffffff
Nice cars!!!
Also , how tf you get such an awesome deal for that s14? I'm looking for one and all are from 6k and up , fucking sadnesssss
anyway , Nice carssssssss

Big oooofffff .
Thanks boyo !
Honestly my uncle have connections since he owns a shop filled with hondas and nissans . If you want a car , just DM me and i my uncle can hit you up with the best deal ! But you could find a lot of auctions on internet too !

Added 14 minutes later:

Red Lady ぼ乙ミ

So today is day 2 of Photoshoot for Ymani´s Magazine .
Boié i can´t wait for the finished product !

For now i like her as she is however , i have some more parts for her coming !

Just look at that ass , damn ...

Here´s a littlebit closer look on the engine bay and the engine.

Just Look at those Weber Carburetors

A closeup on these beautiful SSR´s

And ofc closeup on the awesome seats !

After these pics we were asked to leave so we changed location .
While we were driving there , Ymani took some rolling shots of the car .

Finally here , let´s take some last shots and that´s it for today´s photoshoot of the EK !

As you could see , yes we are on Ebisu !

When i went back home , i´ve finally started working on DC5 !
First time washing the car in 2 years , wow . Also started removing bodyparts from the car .

And that´s it for today guys ! I hope that tomorrow will come the navan kit from Tokyo with parts for DC5 and i could start actually work on DC5 !

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