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Riders on the storm 憶ラ浦ン

After a long day in the workshop, I went to Erwin's house to look for my things (since I was living in his house to get the workshop), to take them to the workshop (yes, I will spend the nights in the workshop to get money for rent a decent house lmao)
I took advantage and I started to wash the car, and some photos and videos came out, oooofffff

I'll leave the video already edited with the photos and videos!

Also I realized today that I need another car, a beater as much as possible to go from point to point by using it as daily , a car that i do not care if it is damaged aesthetically and if the car have a fault , i can repair it instantly and be economical, or directly throw it away if the failure is more expensive than the car, because in case of the skyline is very little "practical" and it is not a "daily" car, it is that is too nice to use every day, risking or scratching wheels, paint, or have an accident and run out of the car, so I need if or if a beater, to have a car for daily use already insured, to take care of skyline and be able to modify it to the crazy thing regardless of whether it will no longer be comfortable or whatever. If you have any beater, as much as possible a civic, let me know privately.

This post was practically stuffed because I did not do anything "interesting" in the car, but these beautyshots came out and I did not resist doing something hahaha.

This is all for today, see you later!

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