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(a rather boring one)

Here's the latest purchase i made. A 2002 Honda Civic!

Why this you may ask, well its my new daily. a PROPER daily lmao

Back at the garage after the little burgerking stop

The car came with 16" Rota Slipstreams on advan neovas. tires are fairly new and wheels have some signs of usage, but i dont mind

Interior is bone stock, apart from a retrofitted S2000 steering wheel

And ofc under the hood, we have a D16 engine. Bone-stock apart from the cone filter, and a 5speed manual transmission.
It originally had a D15 and A/T, but previous owner swapped it out.

Ok enough of the boofmobile.

S14 makeover begins!

Just sold the whole Navan kit to Nightrunner.
Aaaaand for the plans i have, the whole front end needs to go. Headlights, hood, fenders
Probably gonna try and sell em off to an UpGarage, but if you need something let me know.

and lastly *sigh*, the Z33

i've enjoyed this car quite a bit for all this time. made it look how i wanted too. But sadly, in its current state, it just isnt a practical daily anymore. Especially because of the nice stance and the VQ35DE's notorious oil consumption.
So, yeah. its up for sale.

Sale post will be up in the Used Cars classifieds in a bit.

Anyways, that'll be all for now
Thanks for viewing!

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