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#149102   2018-09-10 14:13          
Lil update on the CRX condition

Came back from work,on my way i noticed the Silvia was making strange sounds around the exhaust system in the middle of the car.
I guess the exhaust gasket is gone i have to replace that in the future!
Now the CRX,i moved it around the garage and this is how things are:
Exterior,front and rear fenders are completely in the rust,doors can be fixed.
Electric instalation is broken too,more things dont work than things that work.
Owner packed the front bumper in the car,its in pretty good shape so thats a plus,all i need to find is rear bumper.
Can it get worse? Hell yes.
Interior is so smelly and dirty,i guess someones pet lived in it for a long time,cat or dog idk.
Passenger seat is a thing to buy,and some minor things.
But first deep clean!!
No engine in the car.
Plans for the week - Work on the crx,clean the EG6 and put some different wheels on it because the car is going to sit for a while.

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Gas,trip to and back from work - 20V$
Weekly income - 655V$
Total - 9.645V$
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