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# Smurf : That vert looks so sick
Previous owner took a good care of it,i love it
and thanks! :bananajump:

Added 1 hour 39 minutes later:

- smol update -

Well,heres how the things are going to go!
First of all,i got a new bigger place close to my house,owner cant work on his cars anymore so he sold everything and we had a deal on the garage.
Things i did today:
Removed the front end from the vert,installed the suspension on the EG (H&R coilovers,stock brake system,steelies),carpet and cupholder on the EF.
Things to do in this week:
VERT: Install the PS13 front end,pull the engine out and rebuild it,register the car.
EG: Take it to paint shop so i can work on the vert while eg is getting painted,find the engine,other things will be done later these months.
EF: Need to buy new brakes,change oil,get the stencils on the tyres done.
I will work slowly on the cars from day to day,i hope i can finish the vert before next week so i can register it and drive it a little bit before weather gets bad.

Balance - 10.410V$
Cup Holder from "Art of Wheels" shop - 50V$
Civic EF floor carpet from junkyard - 20V$
Civic EG suspension with H&R new coilovers - 1800V$
Total - 8.540V$

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