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Update! 更新

Last Saturday, I went into local track day event. It was all good until this happen..

Yup! you guessed it, I crashed the DC5.

So, what's actually happened? I kinda pushed the car to make up the time I lost on the previous turn (I accidentally miss-shifting there). Right before I dive into the corner, the car understeered (tires overheated) aaaaaaand this happens.

The results? damaged front bumper and ripped oil pan :facepalm:

Where is she now?

I got the car towed to the garage on Monday, I also ordered bunch of stuff to get her back on the road again.

Got the clutch upgraded with some OS Giken clutch kit and Quaife helical LSD, Spoon baffled oil pan, Nissin brake rotors on all four, JUN FRP hood, and new front bumper plus the aero parts supplied by Science Of Speed.

I also traded my Mugens for lightweight Advan TCIIIs :) .

Not only that, I added some touches to the interior.

Genuine rare Mugen gauges kit, and Mugen driver assist controller thingy :)) .
The gauges kit comes with; oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge and of course with the pod too.

I'll post again when the car finished, stay tuned!
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