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A n o t h e r O n e

Yep , another S-chassis , this time RPS13 ! It is 1995 Nissan RPS13 180SX Type-X with 187 KM SR20 blacktop
Car is slightly tuned by previous owner but it´s on really ugly wheels because he recently sold his wheels . Well i guess i´m gonna put on mine AVS model 5´s on since i don´t have S15 anymore .

Engine , SR20 Black top with Garrett T25G turbo is really clean with simple tune , air filter ,changed few things but thats it !

The interior is 100% OEM and really clean with just a little wear .

Here are more pictures of the car :

T i m e T o G o H o m e

I´ve tested her limits at our local Touge road

I went to a local McDonalds and bought just a "few" Big Macs lmao

"Hello can i have 3x Big Mac and diet coke please ?"
Man is H U N G R Y

After i ate my food , i took one shot of mine RPS13 and then went back to home . Thankfully no fat manager has started fight with me !

*On my way home*


Ugh , finally home .

So now ,

Little Informations about the car :

1995 Nissan RPS13 180SX Type-X
SR20DET Blacktop
Air Filter
New Coilovers
187 KM

1995 Nissan RPS13 180SX Type-X - 4 000V$
3 Big macs + diet coke - I don´t know my uncle payed that lmao
Sticky Rice Cake Sticker Shop - 187V$
20 300V$ - 4 000V$ - 187V$= 16 113V$

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