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# radcoon : Hah! Now that the livery is done.... :(. I would stay with it. Even if 20K is a really good offer. Not much S15's around anyway...

I might or might not sell it , i dont really know yet . The car is finished , i don´t know what to do with it anymore :c

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Just a little update on S13 , new wheels , lip and rear type-x lip installed today !
What do you guys think ? She looks really good in my opinion .

Also i´m kinda sad to say this but i´ve sold mine S15 to a local guy for 20 000V$ . I needed to move on next project , which is this S13 . And for that i need a lot of money , that´s why i sold mine S15 to him because he gave me really good price !

Watanabe + toyo tyres - 450V$
front lip - for free ( Gift )
rear type x lip - for free ( Gift )
Plates - 80V$
2000 Nissan S15 Silvia - +20 000V$

2 445V$ - 450V$ - 80V$ + 20 000V$ = 21 915V$

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