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# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Your cars never fail to amaze me bro , your tuning style is just killer ! I love it ! The GTT has the most complex rollcage I've ever seen , no wonder you worked almost a whole week on that thing , and the bashbar is just crazy in every way possible. You know a lot of stuff about chassis reinforcement , and I'd really love to be able to do such complex things to a car. As for the R33 , oh baby , I didn't see that one coming ! It looks so damn clean ! I absolutely love it ! That has to be by far the cleanest R33 I've ever seen ! And let's not forget about the ultimate R34 in Japan ! Oh man , that thing is just... I dunno man , it's unbelievable. I love every inch of it , inside and out , it's a monster under the hood , and a gem on the outside. I have no words. As you know , I really don't want you to become depressed or something like that and I'm always trying to help you around the shop. You've been working like a mad man in these past days and I really think you should be more positive and relaxed. I'd suggest you take a brake , but knowing how busy you are , you really don't have time for that so , take it easy , I don't want you to become too exhausted. Either way man , everything is flowing nicely right now it seems , keep up the good work and don't forget to take it easy , enjoy yourself and chill.

Thanks a lot man. Both for kind words about R34 and support that you give me. Yeah, I am exhausted as fuck, but I will still keep going at it till the September.. I will take a break then, because I am missing out on a lot of things right now, don't even remember when I had a proper weekend getaway.. Eh, can't wait to spend some quality time both with my family and you guys. Things will get better in September for sure, fingers crossed. I hope I won't lose my mind completely till then.

# radcoon : Ha! So now you got the R33. That is nice! And it fits the collection perfectly. Really really nice. If you need someone to take it to the R Meeting... :)

The Cage for the 34 is sick! Great work dude! And for your 34 GT-R. It really get's better every time. Also Respect for letting us know what you refer to do in your free time with asses :D

Looking forward to see those in person next time I am in Osaka!

Yeah, I did! Been looking for one for quite some time and now I finally own it. Haha, you are the first guy that crossed my mind when I was thinking who will drive it to the R's meet, one of the few that I can give my Nissans to without worrying. S'chassis meet vibes haha.

Thanks a lot man! Don't tell me that you saw that sticker just now, it is been there since I bought the BNR34, there was one even on OEM trunk haha!

# 11000rpm : That vent in R34 GTR reminded me Max Orido's current Supra, sick af stuff dude :)

Thanks man! Yeah, it is the same hood as on Orido's Supra. I am hoping to see you in Japan this Autumn, also please convince Soju to come here too haha!