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I see.

I did copy the MWM version of the SlrrExhaustiveBits over that copy of Light Edition. It, as said, sort of works, having to open the original .exe to menu, which only sometimes works, then open Slrr_GI.exe.

Though, I don't have good experiences with the Exhaustive patches to begin with, as every time I've put one on, issues arise in crashes.

That may be to do with my modifications to the game's and some other ones, but I'd doubt it, as they work by standard logic that applies.

Also; I did get Exhaustive working to a point; an unstable point, but one nonetheless. After a lot of replacing of original files back to V1, and a bit of V1.4, I got the game to start, though it requires multiple attempts to start. Ranging from 2 to 3 or more starts until it actually works. And the error followed by crash issue is sort of noticeably back, though, I've once got a weird error now where the error didn't have anything in it's main string of the window, nor anything in the button.

Added 6 minutes later:

This is in both the Light Edition and Exhaustive case. In both, I've got the ReShade features working, as said, but under unstable questionable conditions.

Also; to note, the window is above everything else no matter what is below, or when the game is not engaged as the primary window.

Which may be due to the borderless part of the patch; hence wise, if on purpose, is there a windowed version\regular to the usual function of the previous .exe that you have. Or if not, may you please create a version, if it is not too much work.

Thanks (again).

Added 25 seconds later:

Also; motion blur has broken itself, I just remembered.

Added 1 minute later:

And the 1.8 version of Exhaustive has something weird going on, as it has ~5 different copies of the save file everytime it's opened. Which are backups, but then get moved into the main save directory when the game is opened.

Added 1 hour later:

And now textures are doing the grey issue where stuff just goes grey and textures aren't found for some reason.

Which is the second time that's happened since patching, and having to fix it.

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