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Man , I must say , working from dawn to sunrise was kinda hard for me ! Good thing I brought all the redbulls , I would've fallen asleep at some point. Also , thank you for teaching me some stuff about chassis strengthening ! I feel like I can learn so much stuff from you , and big thank you for that!

I can't wait to hit the Wangan tonight with you ! I feel like the R34 is gonna be way more than I'm expecting. Also , I'm really curious about the power numbers ! I can't wait to know them !

Kinda sad the R33 GT-R is leaving on Monday , but hey , it has been fun to have that thing around and work on it.

I'm also kinda glad you didn't go widebody with the GTT. Sometimes you just gotta keep it clean ! Though it would've been awesome to actually see an widebody R34 for the firat time. Either way , that car is going to look amazing when you're done with it!

I really hope I won't die on the Wangan tonight , I gotta get my cars to the paint shop on Saturday ! You'll be amazed by the little reveal I'll do on Monday ! ;)