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#145110   2018-07-18 03:33          
# amilmand : Oh looking more closely, the last picture indeed has a treelike.. thing.. is there an alternative objects.rpk out there? I thought the current rpk-rdb converter can't handle the objects.rpk and I thought nobody edited it yet

Maybe I should edit the city rpks instead and leave the objects.rpk as it is...

Added 22 minutes later:

I removed the objects.rpk from the packs for now, I will instead modify the city rpks directly

Happened to me too, as we are using bb2015 and he had modified the trees and textures so that happened, so yeah, will be better to go with valo's rpk.

Also, been trying to get a decent value for the ambient multiplier but even on 0.25 (wich brightens the car as stock slrr + or -) already over exaggerates the specular when you close up to a light source.
It looks really awesome being under plain normal light though