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visit you soon?

any time.


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-✘ Update as promised, will talk about the things that happened in those few days, almost a week actually. Last time I said that I will be going to test fit a "rocket bunny" style kit for my GTT, and I did. This ain't no genuine kit as there is no real one out there because Miura San haven't designed one in first place since there is probably no demand for it as people keep their R34's clean. But all the cool stuff happens in "underground" scene, right? Small garages doing cool shit which no one knows about. But anyways, the kit is FRP one so it is very light, so we test fitted it with the help of sticking tape. Actually I don't really know if I should go for it as I am having quite mixed feelings about that kit, it is hard to decide with just simple test fit.. I am either choosing between this kit or BN one, but we will see, I might even keep the Nismo kit for drifting activities. I guess I should do the renders of the finished car that I have in my mind to decide, what do you guys think? ✘-

-✘ Another thing that I would like to talk about is that now we have a new member in our team. I kinda took him under my wing, and offered him the job at my place. Most of you might know him, he is Erwin, better known as "ErwinFenyvesi23" here on forums. After we agreed on everything and made sure that he will be set here in Osaka, he moved here and is currently working at my place, what can I say, he is very cool guy to have around, I am sure that he and other guys in garage will get along just fine. Also he didn't came here with "empty pockets", he brought three cars with him.. Yeah, three cars which he is working on himself. A R33 GTS-T which I took to 240kmh while driving it back to Osaka from Tokyo, recently restored Supra and his kinda "drift" car 180SX which he is planning to sell if I understood him correctly. Anyways, as far as the plan for him goes now, he will help me and other guys working at the shop, will work for himself and so on. Also he really wants to build his R33 and make that car just a good all rounder with decent horsepower under the hood so I will be more than happy to help him and provide the place to do such things. I am sure that he will tell you more about everything he does to his cars in his own topic. Anyways, take a look at his rides, I took those pics the moment he and his cars arrived. ✘-

-✘ Ahh.. Lets talk about that R33 that I posted up before as most of you were, oh fuck, Mackay got another GTR, so let me answer all the "why, how, when" questions. I bought that car, but it is not for me, the same guys which I sold our time attack 180SX to contacted me if I could source them an R33 GTR here in Japan and that their budget is 25'grand. So for the last couple of weeks I been on a look out for a R33 GTR, and I finally found the right one. It is a 1995 midnight purple R33 GTR V-Spec which I bought for 19500, it was a completely bargain considering that it has upgraded Brembo brakes, ARC stuff under the hood, cams which I can't identify without taking the engine apart and few other cool things. But don't get too excited, the biggest minus is the mileage as this car have seen quite a lot, it has 200k on its clock but such thing is not a problem. So yeah, I will fix all the little things before sending the car to Russia, I might even let the Erwin work on it as I know how much he wants R33 GTR. This R33 should be leaving us next week on Monday. ✘-

-✘ The main thing that I really want to talk about right now is my GTR as all my free time and money went into this car and as you guys know I was building a completely new engine for it, and I mean it by saying NEW. I basically spent more than two months building the new RB, sourcing the parts and everything else that went into the engine took most of my time, but it is finally done. Basically I fully built another RB from the ground up, I used new N1 Performance block, N1 cylinder head, all new internals and so on.. So in the end all I had to do is drop the old engine and put the new one in. The original low mileage RB26DETT with few mods will be kept at my garage, as it is completely full engine and nothing apart from gearbox is taken from it, I could let it go if someone offered me a lot of money for it, but I don't expect someone paying about 20'grand for it, yeah I am crazy. ✘-

-✘ And here is the new engine.. Before getting into detail I really want to say big thanks to my my wife for not kicking me out of house once again for spending a fortune on an engine and to the guys at my shop which let me work on my engine at peace without interrupting me, yeah, I built this engine completely alone, and I will be the one to do the tune for it, if I fail I fail, then it will mean I am not worth of calling myself a "tuner". So yeah, long story short it is a fully built single turbo RB28. I really want to write a complete list of the parts that went into it now but I will keep it for a little bit later, when the new engine will be runned in and tuned. The only thing that I will say now is that it is a 2.8l Step 2 HKS stroker with GTIII-5R turbo on it, fyi this turbo is the latest one from HKS and it was released basically half a year ago, if you guess about the power, then google it. ✘-

-✘ I am sure you are really wondering how much such engine have cost me.. Well, despite the fact that it required a lot of nerves and sleepless nights which are priceless it cost me around 35'grand with all the new parts and new block combined, for reference, the engine oil that I used cost me a 1050$ for a 20'liters.. Wondering what kind of oil it is ? It is HKS Premium Pro 100% Synthetic Oil 20W60, so basically every oil change will cost me around 300$ which I will be doing every other thousand kilometers if not more often. Was a such expensive engine a must ? Abso-fuckin-lutely not as I could have went with simple forged internals and big turbo and have an easy 600hp or more, but I really wanted a reliable engine which I can trust, and because of that I didn't cheap out on parts and so on. Basically now I have a RB engine capable of holding about 1400hp, but I am obviously not going for that much, no no. Even tho numbers won't be that high I can say one thing with confidence, it will be one of the fastest street cars in Osaka right now, and comparing my old R32 engine setup with this one would be the same as comparing one finger with a dick, sorry for such expression but thats how things goes. ✘-

-✘ Over the weekend I managed to put the new engine in and connect everything, all the hoses, cables, and basically everything that was needed for it to run. Also the engine received "safe" temporary engine map for running in purposes. And guess what, it started in few first tries on yesterday, damn, I missed that smell and smoke whenever you start a new engine. It is a performance engine after all, so I won't be doing crazy running in process on it. I will keep it safe and easy for first thousand kilometers, and I already know what I will be doing to run it in quickly, I will be leaving to Tokyo in few hours from now, will reach the Daikoku PA, turn around and go back to Osaka, I will try to manage to do this trip in less than twelve hours as I have a lot of work tomorrow, radcoon's RPS needs a cage and so on, what a perfect way to start a week which is already going to be sleepless one, right? Hoping to be back in Osaka by the morning. Eh..✘-

-✘ Also while working on the GTR, the guys at the shop did me a favor and installed new HKS HYPER MAX2 coilovers and Cusco negative upper front and rear lower & upper arms on my GTT, big thanks to them and Erwin. Also I threw my GTR wing on it, might wrap that wing in black as I am currently daily driving this car. I can't wait to start the GTT drift build, but as you know, GTR comes first now. ✘-

-✘ So yeah, thats kinda it for now, no idea when I will update you guys again as I will be having a lot of work this week and setting up my GTR, but I guess I will make it work somehow. I am at the shop most of the time, so if anyone needs anything hit me up. Peace. ✘-

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# Soju : Oh dang, so nice collections! It just makes me want to get the Skyline