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#144759   2018-07-14 13:33          
# radcoon : yeah I also buy cars i don't like

So Mr.M I have a toe truck here bringing the RPS to you. I can't make it by myself this time as the AE needs some loooooove!

Stupid you then.. :pathead:

Bring it in, will do whatever you want with it, full D1SL cage is coming.

# skip : Something shady is happening here...all this money to buy and modify these cars....


can't wait to bring my boat to see your faster boat:P

Nothing shady is going on here, I don't see nothing suspicious either. :rolleyes:

Ahh, I can't wait too, you promised that you will bring your ex R34 GTT for a cage last year but you never did, so I hope you won't bail this time fam! :))

# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Man , building our R33's at the same time will be so cool! I can't wait to have an R33 battle with you ! >:)

Yeah, it will be cool for a while but don't get too excited about that R33 GTR. :/

# radcoon : Seems like someone is not paying tax but pssst :morncoffee:

The less you know the better you are, didn't you knew that? :rolleyes:
Eh, I ain't showing the full documents of what we pay for, but all I can say is that we paid near 15k last month for rent, bills and taxes combined. :pathead: