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# ErwinFenyvesi23 : You seem new around here ! Welcome to Vstanced !

I love your DC5. It reminds me of my first car , which was an DC5 as well ! God , I had so much fun with it , I even turbo'd it ! It was lit ! :-X

Cheers man :)) :))
I'll keep mine stock for awhile, after that I'm going to make some moves haha :awesome: :awesome:

Added 1 minute later:

# MACKAY : Heey man ! Glad to see another one coming up! :thumbsup:

Inb4 this boy boost this thing and does spoon livery lol. Anyways, dad jokes aside I can't wait to see what will you do with it, such car has a lot of potential, ahh I remember Crazy's Spoon one.. :drool2:
Thanks man haha :))
Can't wait to do things with it :)) :))